27 Cooking Diagrams that Will Save Your Culinary Life

by on Feb 27, 2015

An illustrated collage of kitchen diagrams for things like spices, dressings, and tools.
Image: BuzzFeed

Your guests are to arrive in 5 minutes and you realize you don’t have any bottle vinaigrette in the house. What do you do?? Grab a cook book and start paging/reading or glance at a cool diagram for an even better substitute? If you’re a visual cook, the latter, of course. It’s just one of the diagrams in BuzzFeed’s completely awesome roundup, which includes the usual, like substitution charts, but also a very handy homemade soup chart, a ‘what kind of kitchen mixer should you use?’ layout, grain to water ratios, a visual encyclopedia of pasta, and a bunch more. Pick and print or bookmark all your favs and your culinary life will be charmed. For the entire list, visit this page on BuzzFeed. 

Cooking diagram with instructions for filleting a fish and how to cook it.
Image: BuzzFeed

27 Diagrams That Make Cooking So Much Easier [BuzzFeed]