Kitchen Inspiration: 7 Stylish and Organized Open Pantries

by on Jan 1, 2014

Kitchen items are organized in pantry.

I’ll admit, I’m not an open pantry/open shelving type of person. For the most part I like my things tucked away and out of sight; visual clutter just makes me kinda twitchy, ya know? But these seven open pantries are so stylish and organized they may just change my mind!         

Best ideas for open parties.

1 Design Files 2 Uncovet 3 DIY Showoff

Various jars filled with pantry items still bookshelves arranged to make a pantry

"Open pantries organized to store more things"

4 Design Sponge 5 HGTV 6 Traditional Home 7 The Kitchn

How do you feel about open pantries and shelving in kitchens? Yay or nay?