Before and After: One Living Room, Three Makeovers

Before and After: One Living Room, Three Makeovers

Remember this kids bedroom? Well, Mandi Gubler, the industrious DIYer that tackled all three versions of that room has been busy, busy, busy with the rest of her house, transforming this living room into a cozy space that perfectly reflects her style.      

"Makeover" One brought hardwood flooring and some much needed paint, but that's about it. Still, a vast improvement from the icky before!

Makeover Two was all about grey and yellow, yet the room still felt dark and cramped -- and a bit over decorated. Here's how the space looks now:

Makeover Three: light, bright, and eclectic. It feels pulled together but still lived-in, collected rather than decorated. More importantly, though, it truly reflects Mandi's style and personality!

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