This Home is a Teardown?

This Home is a Teardown?

Back in 1970, the former head of the Dayton-Hudson Corp., Ken Dayton and his wife, Judy commissioned Romaldo Giurgola to design a home on the shore of Lake Minnetonka in Wayzata, MN. The 8,500 sf outcome is pictured above. Last year, the home changed hands for a cool  $10 million. The new owners, Cargil heir Donald C. MacMillan and wife Judy, have new plans for the home. Demolish it to make room for a bigger 9,095 sf home with a 2,085 sf guest/pool house connected via breezeway. The breezeway would have its own outdoor dining area, fireplace and kitchen. Oh, and there's plans for a 250 sf boat house on the property along with docks and a small beach too. No worries for space as the 7.1 acres of land under consideration would accommodate all. 

Since the home was built in 1970, it's not old enough for 'historic' consideration. That means Mr. and Mrs. MacMillian have every right to tear it down. They acknowledge the home's historic significance, but not enough to save it. They are, however, open to the option of moving it. Any takers?

For more information about the home and its predicament, visit this page at Star Tribune. 

$10M house ready for wrecker [Star Tribune]

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