Make It: A Playful DIY Mountain Wall Shelf

by on Apr 17, 2013

DIY Wooden Mountain ShelfCarnets ParisiensI love mountains, loooove them. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where I can look any direction and see snow-capped mountains, going back in seemingly infinite layers, year-round. They’re just straight up majestic. And, turns out, they look pretty dang adorable translated into wooden wall shelves!     

This simple project comes from French blogger Cyrielle of Carnets Parisiens. While the instructions are in French, it’s pretty easy to follow (plus, your browser will probably ask you if you want the page translated — say ‘yes’): cut out a mountain range with a jigsaw, sand, attach to the shelf base, then add a couple shelf brackets — voila! You’ve got yourself a mountain shelf! Check it out on Carnets Parisiens.