Does anybody actually watch the DIY network?

I don't do TV much, but when I watch, I like to at least pretend that I'm learning something.

So, our cable company just introduced its new "2.0" package, in which you can upgrade your package for an extra $12.49 a month.

There's a bunch of sports channels I won't watch, and some foreign news channels I probably should watch, and the Sundance Channel and the Independent Film Channel which I will DEFINATELY watch. 

And the DIY Network is included. I watched some of the DIY preview shows- mostly the hipster crafty shows like Craft Lab and Knitty Gritty- when they were on HGTV over the holidays, and I was entertained enough, though I can't knit and rarely do 'crafts'. And though I reckon they'll never have a show that teaches one how to turn a boring Mid-Western suburban home into a Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece, I reckon I can learn techniques, even if the aesthetics aren't always suitable.

So, do you watch? Do you feel you learn better by watching real persons than reading books, or even Curbly posts? What percent of the programming is good, useable advice, and what is just 'look-at-these-houses' filler? Are they significantly improved over HGTV's offerings?



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