Infographic: Bachelor vs. Bachelorette Pad Designs

Infographic: Bachelor vs. Bachelorette Pad Designs

The peeps over at ForRent.com sent over a fun infographic entitled The Bachelor Verus the Bachelorette Pad that includes the "must haves" for each based upon criteria compiled by nearly a dozen popular design sources, including Vanity Fair, Apartment Therapy, Forbes and HGTV, to name a few. Take a look by clicking here (or read the bullet points below), and then pipe in. Do the tips coincide with your criteria of what makes a stylish his/her living space? Is there any "must have" that isn't on the list? Anyone find the his/her lines too delineated? For example, I know my theoretical bachelorette pad would look much more like a bachelor pad as described in the infographic. 

 For the Bachelor:

  • set up a custom bar area
  • buy a super comfy couch
  • add a leather chair
  • choose a basic bed with clean lines, topped with gray and solid colors
  • use a bold accent color

For the Bachelorette:

  • switch out boring light fixtures for something more chic
  • use colorful plants as accents
  • choose handmade rugs for warmth and comfort underfoot
  • if allowed, consider wallpapering the kitchen to spice up dull appliances; if wall paper is a no-no, go with decals
  • also, if possible, use floating bookcases versus those chunky ones that sit on the floor and take up valuable space



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