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Premise #1: You love Curbly.com.

Premise #2: You should show your support of that which you love.

Premise #3: T-Shirts are an excellent way to demonstrate your support. 



It's high time the Curbly family expresses its love for our favorite DIY design community. This is not a commercial for T-shirts from which I am trying to profit; it's a chance for folks to work together in true-DIY fashion to create some stylish wear.

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If we opt to go with a commercial printer, I shall suggest Skreened.com, which is an independent alternative to Cafepress that already has a relationship with Curbly, and happens to be about seven minutes from my home. Skreened prints on American Apparel textiles, which is cool for worker's rights, but crummy, as their advertising is the epitome of sexism. This, of course, shall be discussed.

Below, I've included some preliminary designs, which are totally open to critique: I am not a designer, nor an artist. Of course, color combos shall be decided. I hope this can be an opportunity for the talented among us to shine.


Get Some Curbly Gear!



Let the dialogue begin!

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