6 of the Creepiest Things Found by Homeowners

6 of the Creepiest Things Found by Homeowners

These six scenarios sound like something straight out of a Stephen KIng novel. I posit that they're even scarier because they're REAL. From less to most creepy (although that is totally subjective) here they are...

Number SIX on the creep-out scale: Finding out your new home is located atop a burial ground. How'd the homeowner discover this? When foundation was being dug for some remodeling and a human skull rolled out. 

Number FIVE on the heebie-geebie list: Discovering your home is home to a snake hibernaculum by way of the slithering sound coming from inside your walls. Oh, and the funny tasting water. (If this happened to me, I'd be quoting Samuel Jackson.)

Freaky Number FOUR: Finding a a hidden room with a note inside from the previous owner warning you that the toxins inside could kill you. The toxin? Black mold.

THREE and counting: Apparently walls DO ooze...that is if you have a ginormous beehive in 'em. The ooze was actually honey, which might sound sweet until you think about all the VERMIN it would attrack. 

BOOM goes number TWO: So some doofus gets his/her hands on an unexploded torpedo and leaves it behind for the new homeowners to find. Thanks to their local 'Explosive Ordinance Unit', the couple were able to get rid of the thing. 

And the CREEPIEST thing ever found by a homeowner? Would you believe a mummy? Okay, not a REAL mummy; just the mummified remains of the previous homeowner.  Guess the bank should have done a walk through before they put it on the market, huh?

To read about the other four scary discoveries, head on over to Cracked. (It's a great article with a perfect funny/creepy combo.)

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