DIY Idea: Make Your Own Knitted Wire Chairs!

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Knitted Wire Chairs!

Whether your Eames wire chair has seen better days or you just feel like having some fun with your furniture, this DIY idea offers a clever handmade touch!  


Akira Ishikawa is credited with this idea* (though we can't find a link--if you can dig one up, please share big thank you to CheesePirate for hunting down the link!) over on ReCraft.  What purists may call blasphemous, I call a playful, non-permanent way of mixing things up on the decor front!  Plus, the color combos and pattern possibilities are practically endless.  What do you think, Curbliers?  Yay or nay to this knitted chair idea?

*UPDATE: The original photo came from Flickr!  Knitting by Noriko of Plain Living; styling by Akira Ishikawa; photography by Osamu Koizumi; created for Tokyo CultuArt by Beams.  Huzzah!

[via ReCraft / via Brittni Mehlhoff]

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