DIY Paint Chip Matchbook Notepads

Photo: Capital B [http://ssbuffat.blogspot.com/2011/08/paint-chip-matchbooks.html]

We've established an infatuation with paint chips on Curbly, it just can't be avoided!  Here's another great idea for paint chips: little matchbook-style notepads!   With a rainbow of paint chip options, Sky Buffat got creative with her sewing machine and some plain paper.  With some fancy folding, the chips tuck in just like matchbooks.

Photo: Capital B [http://ssbuffat.blogspot.com/2011/08/paint-chip-matchbooks.html]

I'm thinking this would be a great gift for the designing enthusiast in your life, or that friend that repaints every third month.  The stitching creates a perforated edge that is perfect for tearing off those little notes!  Check out the instructions for this paint chip project at Capital B.

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