Awesome: Robots Made from Thrift Store Finds!

Awesome: Robots Made from Thrift Store Finds!
If you know me, you know that I not only harbor a deep love of robots, I am downright obsessed with them!  So, when I ran across these sweet little creations, I simply had to share.  Had to, you guys.  I hope you'll find them as awesome sauce as I do.  

created at: 08/05/2011

Husband and wife duo Nicholas and Angela Snyder from Kansas City are avid robot lovers, too.  But they've totally one-upped me in 'bot geekery: they MAKE robots.  They make them from bits and parts and pieces of objects they find at thrift stores and antique shops.  There's a lot of love and history in each and every one!  Be sure to check out all their creations on their site Nerdbots.net.

So, Curbliers.  Are there any other robot lovers in the house?  Would you consider making similar thrift store 'bots yourself?  Share your thoughts below!

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