A Modern Dining Room Makeover - On the Cheap!

A Modern Dining Room Makeover - On the Cheap!

This lilac-hued dining room was lacking personality and a defined style, but with a few key furniture swaps and a bucket of paint, it's now a perfect reflection of the homeowner's modern taste!   

created at: 04/18/2011

The homeowner, a twenty-something PR rep, blogger, and design junky named Robin, desperately wanted a dining room that would reflect her eclectic-modern style but still fall within her limited budget.  Utilizing sites like Etsy and 20x200 for affordable art left room for more expensive pieces, like the Strut Table from Blu Dot.  Knock-off Panton chairs brought in additional style for a fraction of the price and IKEA saved the day with affordable, modern fixtures.  Tying the whole space together are the bold, dark-grey walls (painted with leftover paint from a previous project).

I really love how everything came together, don't you?  The dark walls make the space feel so much bigger (and those white chairs absolutely pop).  Overall, it feels perfectly put together, modern, and stylish!  Great job, Robin!

To see more of Robin's dining room transformation, check out her blog Twentysomething Test Dummies.

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