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SupermarketHQ: Buy Design Straight from Designers

by on Mar 31, 2011

Everybody knows Etsy is the giant when it comes to buying handmade goods, and it’s not hard to find a wealth of good stuff there with which to decorate your home. But sometimes it’s hard to filter out the regretsy from the good stuff. This week I stumbled upon Supermarket, which is a marketplace for great design, direct from the designers. Read on to see some of the good stuff I found with very little effort:

This bookshelf isn’t cheap (at $2,600), but it’s pretty inspirational. Maybe you could approximate something similar on your own?

Graffiti Lamps

These grungy graffiti-print lamps are cool, and the designer offers some more subtle prints too if the spray paint look doesn’t quite fit your style.

Heavy Guy Chandelier XL

The simple, clean lines in this chandelier would make it the centerpoint of any room.

Curved Wall Mounted Pet Bed

Everybody knows products with cats in their promo picture sell more than those without. This is no exception; I want these, and I DON”T EVEN HAVE CATS! (I’m allergic).

Spend a few minutes browsing around Supermarket and let me know if you find any more cool stuff (comments, please!). I know there are other online marketplaces like this out there, so if you know of another that’s really good, please chime in. And of course, don’t forget the old standby, Etsy!