Roundup: 12 Swoon-Worthy DIY Jewelry Organizers

By: Mollymc Mar 21, 2012
created at: 03/19/2012
Is your jewelry shoved in a drawer somewhere? Do you wear the same pair of earrings day after day because you forget that you own others? Am I the only one saying, "yes"? Well I hope not, because there are some amazing solutions out there for storing and displaying your baubles. Here are 12 ways sure to inspire you to wear more of your collection.


Ikea Frame Jewelry organizer
This idea from Real Simple takes a simple, boxy picture frame and, with some wire and eyelet hooks, turns it into a pretty, free-standing display for your dangly earrings.
wood and knob jewelry organizer
Erin took a piece of driftwood from a trip to the beach and added mismatched decorative knobs for a pretty and sentimental way to hang her necklaces.
knob and pull jewelry organizer
Liz Marie used a hardware display board and collection of drawer pulls to hang her earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I especially love how she used the cupped pulls as mini bins.
type tray as jewelry organizer
Tonya found an old type tray, and turned it into a rustic and charming jewelry station. She added hooks beneath to store long necklaces.
radiator grate as jewelry organizer
So many great ideas in this picture! I love using a radiator grate within an antique frame for hanging storage, and the vintage pedestal tray is a lovely way to display pretty bracelets and rings.
antler Jewelry organizer
Eva took a set of ANTLERS, painted the tips metallic gold and added glitter! She stores her turquoise jewelry on the horns. Totally unique!
twig jewelry organizer
How about a literal jewelry tree? Shannon used copper wiring to unite several small branches for a natural and rustic way to display her necklaces. (Love the agate one!)
created at: 03/19/2012
Okay, while not technically a DIY everyone can do, I had to share this one. Amy turned a vintage medical cabinet into a vanity. She even hangs her necklaces from the bunsen burner stand!
Cutlery Tray Jewelry organizer
Wooden cutlery trays with added hooks make the perfect dividers for necklaces, bracelets and rings. I love how Ashli uses top section as a ledge for chunkier items.
Screen and coat hanger as jewelry organizer
Rebekah put together this great combination of elements for the ultimate jewelry organizer. She  lined a picture frame with aluminum screen and hung a small coat rack beneath it.  She even added extra knobs for more storage.
towel bar jewelry organizer
Smart and simple, this necklace display is just a towel bar and some s-hook shower curtain rings. I love the oil rubbed bronze Lauren picked out.
 cheese grater jewelry organizer
And finally, how about using a cheese grater to show off your earrings? This one's painted a bright turquoise and even has dainty little feet.
And a bonus, number thirteen: Chris' DIY jewelry solution, made from a found tabletop:
So which one of these shines the brightest for you?

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I love the towel bar with S hooks. lovely! and saves a lot of space. I use a cloth hanger to store my bangles! I also made an earring holder with an embrodiery hoop. check it out -

Wow, this is such a beautiful post, for both styling and ideas! And the comments? I wish all my blog posts were this successful...

Anyway,  the best system I came up with is this:


They are all great and fun!

These ideas are so amazing! So glad that they are all in one place!

Thank you :D

Love this blog and gives me some great ideas for xmas presents for those jewelry lovers i know. I do like the grater jewelry holder the best :)

Wow i love these ideas for storing jewelry! Gives me some great ideas for xmas presents

Looking for ideas for earrings and pins of all sizes. I have an array of sizes for earrings, mainly studs that I would love to organize. As of right now, I have them in ice cube trays; 1 pair per cube x 5 trays. I also have several big pins that I would like to organize. They are currently in tupperware sandwich containers! Any ideas would be helpful but am limited on space. LOVE the towel rack w/ shower hooks for necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings!! Thanks for sharing

I'm making an old 6-pane window into a jewelry hanger.  Looking for ideas on what to use to hang my pieces on....this has given me great ideas.  Thank you!

Really cool I love the drif wood display.

<a href="">Jewelry Rage</a>

Great!!! I love all the tips!!! Tks!!!

These are great! I love the twigs and the cutlery ideas, because they are easy materials to find. I made one out of a lingerie washboard I found at an antique store. I put cup hooks on the top, and voila! :)

I made a hanging jewelry box out of a picture frame - when it's closed you just see your picture but opening it up reveals all your jewelry, nicely organized! Here's what it looks like and how I made it:

Molly, pretty soon you'll have enough for a new post ;-D!

That's pretty, too! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, those are some great jewelry storage solutions. And I love the added ones in the comments. I was definitely inspired by Shannon's twig holder:

Branch and Bowl Jewelry Tree

Sculptural Branch and Bowl Jewelry Holder Tutorial

These are awesome, guys! Thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming!

Aww. I'm a little disappointed that you overlooked the jewelry cabinet project that I featured right here on Curbly back in 2007.

Ahh wish I had seen some of these before I made mine. They are so cool!

The one good thing about mine is that it's attached to the wall with a hinge so that I can easily get the butterfly clips off the back of stud earrings (

The ones with all the little cubbies look like a dusting nightmare! Hubby converted a medicine cabinet to a jewlery cabinet for me. It's perfect for keeping out dust since it has a mirrored door. Took out the shelves and added rows of cup hooks. He recessed it in the wall like a normal medicine cabinet. You wouldn't even know it holds jewlery, it just looks like a mirror hanging on the wall.

Amazing ideas, the antlers look great. If you're looking for more ideas on how to make your own one here is one we made using just an old floor board -

created at: 03/21/2012

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