11 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mice

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 03, 2010

Since the weather turned chilly, you can practically see mice families unloading their little U-hauls and setting up housekeeping in the nooks, crannies and hollows of our walls. Mr. Mod was on a rampage last night disinfecting every square inch of the kitchen. His mice catching technique is the old-fashioned one, not humane at all-peanut butter in a mouse trap.  (I really think he takes pleasure in flinging their limp bodies out into the woods--ick!) For the homeowner in need of kinder, gentler mice-ridding options, there are alternatives to the neck squishing snap. As long as a mouse can get his head through an opening, he can wriggle the rest of his body right on through. Not only do you have to catch them, you also need to deter and block them from entering.They're bad and they can carry diseases you want NO part of.

1. Peppermint oil: The smell is too strong for the little varments. They turn and run. Douse cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them around openings where  you suspect mice are entering.

2. Seal entries. Look around the foundation of your house, block all little cracks and crevices. Try blocking the holes with the green scrubber pads.

3. Stick steel wool in mouse holes. They have a VERY hard time (and some hefty dental bills) if they try to chew through it.

4. Place trays of used kitty litter around the outside of the house where you think they could enter. The smell will send them back to their cabin in the woods.

5. Dried snake poo. (REALLY? Yuk.) This will work like the kitty litter. You can obtain this from a reptile center, zoo or pet store.

6. The tortuous baited traps using peanut butter or bacon grease. There are also electric traps you can use that electrocute the buggars. The glue traps will catch, but not kill. You have to carry the frenzied mouse out yourself.

7. Traps that catch a mouse in a box will let them live, but you have to find some remote location to relase them. (Don't leave a breadcrumb path back to your house.)

8. Drive them crazy and back to their old house using an electronic beeping unit. Home Depot for about $30.00. Some studies say this in ineffective.

9. Preventive-keep your home (kitchen) crumb free and clean. If there's no food, there's no reason for them to hang around.

10. Organic solutions for a huge area. Not cost effective for a homeowner.

11. Throw a towel over the mouse, put an overturned wastebasket on top, tuck the towel underneath and slide an LP under the rim of the wastebasket to seal it. Take mousey out to the field. (This sounds a bit simple and who has LP's laying around?)

One more way: Get a cat.

So, there you have it. The problem with poison is that if the mouse nibbles it and heads back into the walls, he'll die there and you know how dead animals smell.


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Well Rosie if you would supply your home address, I'd be more than happy to drop them off at your house. Then you can mouse sit them for me and problem solved

OMG! Just get a have-a-heart trap and release it up in the woods or something. How disgusting can you be to feed a mouse cement or use a glue or snap trap? Good for you having to listen to it writhing in pain. I  hope you have nightmares for eternity. If owls die a horrible death; what do you think happens to the mouse? Life? Death? Pain and suffering? Humanity? You choose death, pain, and suffering? I can tell where you're going when you die a painful death. 

I tried the peppermint oil thing in 3 of my kitchen drawers. May have worked for a little while, but when I went to open a drawer the other night I saw a tail scurrrying the other way and discovered that my pastry brush was in tatters. I am going to re-soak the cotton balls in peppermint oil, but am going to have to break down and get some live catch traps. I don't like having mice, but can't stand to kill anything. The last mouse trap we had set, I just happened to be in the room when it snapped and the mouse starting squeaking and it nearly killed me to listen to that.

I purchased a 76 year-old home last Spring. During the summer I stuffed steel wool in holes/gaps around the exterior of the home, followed by sealant.  The same was done inside the home, and in a thorough manner.

 In the garage there is a wooden patch on a wall that was not fitted properly that I didn't get around to repairing this summer.  Two and one half weeks ago, I found mouse droppings under my kitchen sink. The ill-fitting patch feeds into the kitchen wall.

Two weeks ago, I placed "balsam fir" bags under the cabinets in the kitchen (and sprayed water and peppermint oil) to deter the mice.  On the garage side, I purchased a live catch mouse trap with a clear cover.  I used glue boards on the interior of the trap.  I smudged some peanut butter on the edge of the glue board to lure the little guys in.  To my surprise, overnight there were several mice inside of the trap.  Six to be exact!  

Since this first episode, my live catch trap has been checked each morning.  For two days, there was one mouse per morning.  On the third morning there was a mole (must have wandered in from the yard).  Since then, there has only been one other mouse.  All of the mice (and the mole) caught on the glue boards have been dead in the mornings.   

This weekend I will do my best to seal off the cabinets and the access to the inner walls of the kitchen.  Then I will need to remove the garage wall patch, clean the area out, and repatch the wall.  I feel very confident that all of the mice in the garage/kitchen wall are "gone". 

I would recommend live catch traps.  You can use them with or without glue boards.


I just did!!! put a french fry on a trap and it goes and trap snaps!!


I got one! use a trap with old potato fry and stick it on the bite part!! It goes for it and..snap!! I did it and got 4 this past day in my house of bulit in 1870!!

A tip about cats and mice: to get a good mouser you need to get a cat or kitten raise with its momma that's been exposed to live mice. A mother cat, if allowed, will bring live bait to her litter to teach it to hunt. A cat raised inside for example may have the instinct to chase, play, stalk but may not know to kill. The best mouses come from barn cats. Adopt a former barn cat or kitten. It will appreciate it's inside life (and are easy to litter train) but also kill and likely eat* mice when they find them. *and other reason to not use poison.
Ive tried spring traps and they were not working. One night i left my crockpot out soaking. The next morning there were two dead mice in it. Eeeewe gross! But it gave me an idea, I put a very deep large bowl on my counter and filled it 3/4 of the way with water. In under one week I have caught five this way! Works like a charm!
Bowl of pop is great!! They can't burp and they don't smell when they die. Also sticks of gums!
Two easy ways of killing the rats. 1) cut into small pieces of sanitary napkin. Soak them in mix of sugar and coconut oil for two minutes. Place these pieces around all the places where rates enter. They eat this.the napkin pieces will become big due to moisture inside rat stomach and hence they will die. 2) cut a dead rat into small pieces. Mix this with equal amount of jaggery. Keep this in a tight closed container for 10 days. When you open you will not get bad odour but a thick solution like honey. Add water to this solution with ration of 95% water and 5% solution. Spray this around the entry of rats. They will ran away.
Conventional spring loaded traps are still the best. They are cheap so you need not use them more than once. Just throw them out with the dead mouse. A small amount of Tootsie Roll softened and affixed to the trigger works the best.
Glue traps work great. On the very first night, I caught 2 mice and 2 large dogs in one trap. They had a chaotic six legged race around the house.

I have tried all these methods to get rid of mice without using poisons.  Befoe I got through I had mice everywhere.  I had to put my food in plastic cotainers or on top of the freezer (the only place they could not get).  We have a cat who, at first would kill them.  Then he decided it was more fun just to play with them.  I finally had to resort to poison.  I would put it every place that the cat or the dogs could not get to .  In just a short time they were all dead.  They do leave an odor until they completely decompose.  Our house did not smell very inviting for awhile, but we no longer have any mice.  I only keep one open container of poison in the houe now and have not had a problem since.

I have 6 cats I love them but when it comes to catching mice in my house they are 100% worthless they love to watch them just not willing to get up and do anything about them lol
I've had glue traps end up with just a patch of hair left on them, so there's a bald mouse with a heck of a Brazilian wax job running around somewhere. The battery operated zapper traps by D-con seems to work well if baited with the right yummy mouse delicacies.

We have two cats and there are still mice in the house

Rodents don't just eat people food. They love the coating on electrical wire, and will go after that without getting into your food supplies. I just had a washer fixed due to a rat eating the wires, and I am really worried about the knob and tube in the wall, because I've heard a mouse or rat scampering there. They have plenty to eat outside, they come in for the wires.

I'll try some of these solutions, but in the foothills where I live, it's tough.  At least mice aren't as bad as mountain lions!

Don't do the "catch and release" thing.  You are just giving your problem to someone (or at least, somewhere) else.

Make a trap w/ 5 gal bucket. Drill holes near top of bucket and ends of soda can. Grease inside bucket and add few inches of water. Thread rod through bucket with can centered. Put PB on can. Make cardboard/wood ramp to rod. Mice try to get PB and fall into bucket. Don't use water if want to release.

I have a Dachshund that keeps them away, I have never seen one inside our home,thank goodness. Garage unfortunately yes. We've caught her once or twice with one in her mouth, sucking them dry. Ewwwwe.  Trying the peppermint experiment in the garage, hope it works.

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