11 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mice

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 03, 2010

Since the weather turned chilly, you can practically see mice families unloading their little U-hauls and setting up housekeeping in the nooks, crannies and hollows of our walls. Mr. Mod was on a rampage last night disinfecting every square inch of the kitchen. His mice catching technique is the old-fashioned one, not humane at all-peanut butter in a mouse trap.  (I really think he takes pleasure in flinging their limp bodies out into the woods--ick!) For the homeowner in need of kinder, gentler mice-ridding options, there are alternatives to the neck squishing snap. As long as a mouse can get his head through an opening, he can wriggle the rest of his body right on through. Not only do you have to catch them, you also need to deter and block them from entering.They're bad and they can carry diseases you want NO part of.

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1. Peppermint oil: The smell is too strong for the little varments. They turn and run. Douse cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them around openings where  you suspect mice are entering.

2. Seal entries. Look around the foundation of your house, block all little cracks and crevices. Try blocking the holes with the green scrubber pads.

3. Stick steel wool in mouse holes. They have a VERY hard time (and some hefty dental bills) if they try to chew through it.

4. Place trays of used kitty litter around the outside of the house where you think they could enter. The smell will send them back to their cabin in the woods.

5. Dried snake poo. (REALLY? Yuk.) This will work like the kitty litter. You can obtain this from a reptile center, zoo or pet store.

6. The tortuous baited traps using peanut butter or bacon grease. There are also electric traps you can use that electrocute the buggars. The glue traps will catch, but not kill. You have to carry the frenzied mouse out yourself.

7. Traps that catch a mouse in a box will let them live, but you have to find some remote location to relase them. (Don't leave a breadcrumb path back to your house.)

8. Drive them crazy and back to their old house using an electronic beeping unit. Home Depot for about $30.00. Some studies say this in ineffective.

9. Preventive-keep your home (kitchen) crumb free and clean. If there's no food, there's no reason for them to hang around.

10. Organic solutions for a huge area. Not cost effective for a homeowner.

11. Throw a towel over the mouse, put an overturned wastebasket on top, tuck the towel underneath and slide an LP under the rim of the wastebasket to seal it. Take mousey out to the field. (This sounds a bit simple and who has LP's laying around?)

One more way: Get a cat.

So, there you have it. The problem with poison is that if the mouse nibbles it and heads back into the walls, he'll die there and you know how dead animals smell.


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After almost 3 weeks in my car, I caught the little critter. (Catch and release trap surrounded by glue traps). He is now happily seeking a new home in a huge field with abandoned barn closeby. Just a little vegetable oil released the sticky.

HELP we have chickens and now have a big mouse problem.HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM!!!


Help!we have chickens and now have a big mouse problem I tryed to catch one today but did not get it,we have a lot more!HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM!!!!!

Glue traps are a quick death when brain them with a hammer.

I have 2 Yorkies.. last mouse in my house left pretty farn quick! If a Yorkie gets ahold of one they'll shake it to death and then disembowel them! They were bred to kill rodents!

The reason I tried the sticky traps was because they can be released by pouring oil on thee trap. I just got a catch and release trap that I will try. I keep telling this little critter he picked the right car. I don't want to kill him just relocate to a VERY remote location.
Sticky traps are cruel, as one or two of you mention you use,... How would you feel if you were stuck and couldn't move... Also, think about what you would do if you find the mouse alive and stuck on the trap, would you just let it die, or would you try to pull it off the trap, potentially ripping off its legs to put it back in the wild? Personally I'll try the peppermint oil, and probably keep using the snap traps - it's a quick death, unlike glue traps. Also, poison could hurt other creatures like cats, owls, dogs, etc if they eat the poisoned mice.

Put out bay leaves in and around all the nooks and crannies they frequent.  Similar principle as the peppermint oil, strong smell deters them.

I was in the hospital when the mice invaded. I had to put all my food in the fridge, except canned goods they got in my bedrooms and everywhere. I had to throw away all the bedding and a lot of other things. They are horrible creatures. Living in the country doesn't help either. I have had to put poison under my home which I hate but no animals can get in, but I worry about other animals if they get a hold of the poisoned mice. What other natural things can I do?

I have found that the black sticky traps don't work,they walk right off. If you can find the white ones they work.

I use the TomTom brand traps, look like big black clips. I put peanut butter on them and they are reallllly easy to set, just push down. Then I put them where I have seen an actual mouse or sign that one had traveled that way and it doesn't take long .... SNAP! Gocha! Take it out the door and drop it's dead ass in the flower bed, free fertilizer! I have been putting peppermint oil on gauze pads and placing them on the ends of my kitchen counters. If they have been moved I know 1. Need more oil & 2. a mouse is in the area and traps replace the gauze until it's caught. I tried bait but finding the stinky dead mouse got to be a pain, especially when they die under your appliances or in the walls. I live way out in the country, surrounded by field after field of crops. When they start the harvest, here come the mice, cold weather, mice, planting, mice. We had cats in the barn but the coyotes got them. Now if only the coyotes would catch all the mice I would be tickled to death!

Have you seen the mouse or you just think you have one from the damage you find ? I went to a farm store, got the kind that takes batteries and put a small piece of cheese in the trap , dead mouse.

I have tried the plug ins and they do not work. I have tried traps, all kinds. I have tried poison, steel wool, oil, peanut butter, basically all the ways that these people have done and none have worked. I had a cat and he never caught a mouse, just walked past it like it wasnt there. I think mice are immune to anything that I try or they are the smartest animal I have come across. 

Help! I have had one in my car for a little over a week. I haven't seen it yet, only the dropping in the morning. I tried the sticky traps but I don't know if it is too little that it doesn't stick or just smart enough to not go on them. I've been driving at night with my lights on inside so it hopefully won't come out. I even had our pest control guy try to help me but he couldn't find it.

Half fill a pail with water sprinkle seeds on top of water place pail in such a location where mice can get to top of pail easyly, they will jump in and not be able to get out.
I have got just 1 mouse in my house, it doesn't like chocolate or peanut butter or biscuits or anything ... How can I get rid of it pls, its driving me nuts

The bigger problem with poison, imo, is that if it kills the rodents and another animal--such as a hawk or owl--eats the poisoned rodent, you've now poisoned the predator, too. I've got 3 cats and have never had a mouse or rat problem. I'd prefer to keep them around than poison.

I have one heck of a mouser cat, he puts a new headless  mouse in his food bowl every day! Try using peppermint essential oil in a wallflower that you can buy from bath and body works, if you just use a cotton balls they dry out too quick.

Use a glue trap. To get them off easily put a little cooking oil on the trap when releasing them. They will slide right off with a little help from a spoon and run off into the sunset.

peanut butter on a trap with a pinch of flour on it will get everyone of them quickly

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