How To: Create a Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table from an Inexpensive, New Table

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 01, 2010

It's true, you can get three years of a weathered wood look in 24-36 hours. There's a secret method for turning fresh, new wood into gray-ish, weathered looking planks, and it's "green" to boot. I learned about it 10 minutes ago and am flabbergasted!

Over at The Little Red House I saw how they hacked a horrifically generic Target table into a rich, rustic looking farmhouse table. The biggest hurdle: turning new planks of wood into authentically old-looking planks to attach to the table base. Besides the physical beating, a nifty little stain concoction did "its thing" on the new wood. You know how old, weathered wood looks gray and dry? Here' show to get that look.

1.Soak steel wool in vinegar for 24-36 hours. The resulting liquid gives you the old farmhouse table stain color.

2. Dab a rag in the liquid and rub it all over the planks and your sanded down table base. Let it soak in for a few hours and then seal it. The sealer darkens the gray look, but most kitchen tables need to be sealed.

3. Now attach the planks to your table base, from underneath. 

Click on over to The Little Red House to see the entire process.



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Hey I love your table we are going to try it, I was wondering exaclty what sealer you used?

you cant sell it because one its easy to make and two it has a limited shelf life. 

So beatifull. Should do the rustic farmhouse for sale.

Really, that could be quite a money maker with the popularity of the aged wood right now.

No doubt. How to package that and sell it is the question.

Now this makes me wonder who just happened to drop a piece of steel wool in some vinegar and then a few days later thought, "Hmmm I wonder what would happen if I soaked a rag in this yucky vinegar then rubbed it on wood?" 

Just another happy accident I guess. :^D

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