How to Make a Hanging Headboard

By: Modhomeecteacher May 12, 2009

1. It cost under $100.00

2. This one is sized for a queen size bed

3.  The slides are a little out of order so start around the 5th photo or so.

4.  The hangers in the photo are WONDERFUL and easy to use.

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What size plywood would I need for full size bed for the panels? How many yards of fabric? I wanting to surprise my daughter and make this for her new bed. Thanks
I want to this. I have to get my diy pantry together. The sky us the limit with the proper equipment.

I'm not sure what size of panels to use for the fabric and plywood....? Has anyone tried this and can advise me? Thanks

Love it! I did this tonight and it turned out great. Thanks for the instructions.
Love the idea of designing your own headboard
You don't mention the size of the panels in your video. Please advise on size

Help!  I watched the video but didn't catch what size your wood boards or foam is?  Do you have measurements for the materials you used?  Thanks in advance!

PLEASE HELP ME! I don't know why, but I can't see any pictures and there's no article whatsoever! There's only a 1-4 sentences and that's it!!! HELP I wanna read this article to learn how to make a headboard pleeeaseee :(((

There are no pictures!!  I would love to see how to do this....


Hi, I clicked a link in pinterest and it led me here. Why can't I see any pictures or instructions? 


This is perfect for our guest room queen size bed.  What are the measurements of each panel, w x l?

Thank you, Thank you!


I got it at Lowe's. I'm going to run to the studio and see what it is, hold on.

O.K., I'm back. It's called HANGMAN Picture Hanging System. They come in different lengths and strengths. This one is for hanging something up to 75 lbs. and it's 6" long. It comes with a little level so you get it straight. Hope this helps.

The hardware you used is exactly what I am looking for!  Can you tell me the brand name so I can look for it in my area?

I just stopped at Lowes Home Improvment to look at my options (it was before I saw your blog and knew a product like this existed) and they couldn't come up with a good solution.  Where did you purchase the picture hanging system?

Thank you!

Jennanicole-thanks so much for your comment. We're getting there, eh?

I just wanna say I'm glad to see you putting Indy on the craft map with your awesome work.   keep it up!

This is my first time coming across this blog and I already love your stuff! I was SHOCKED when I saw this headboard cos it's super similar to one I had designed for myself... and I even have used that same fabric before for other things in my house! Crazy! I am definitely gonna start following your blog now!

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