Reveal: A Dingy Bathroom Gets a Breath of Fresh Air

After - Classic Marble and Chrome Bathroom
Photo: Meghan & Al

After years of dreaming of our perfect bathroom, we had honed in on a look that we knew we would be pleased with for years to come. I pinned and pinned my little heart out until Pinterest finally started saying, "This looks familiar; didn't you already pin this?" Our vision was set, now we just needed to find a way to bring this vision to life.


As you saw a few days ago, we had our work cut out for us. This little room needed some big, big help. 

Before Bathroom photograph with snake shower head in background
Photo: Meghan & Al

The good news was, we didn't have to shop to the ends of the earth to find what we were looking for; honest to goodness, Lowe's had everything we needed. Including custom-made vanities, yes please. 

Picking out cabinets at Lowe's
Photo: Meghan & Al

We started with the big things first: ordering our vanity and vanity top. Since the space was small, we needed to make sure the vanity fit the room, and we went with gray, to add to her humble nature. We made a great cabinetry friend at Lowe's who took care of all the nitty-gritty details (I'm not a numbers girl, myself), and we even swapped renovating stories and puppy photos in the end. Quite the pleasant experience, if I do say so myself. 

Designing Vanity at Lowe's
Photo: Meghan & Al

Now, it was time to work. Since I tend to specialize in the shopping department, my job was done and it was time for that husband of mine to get to work! Demo Day was here! He started with demolishing every square inch of the space, which turned out to be quite the stress-release. 

Demoing tile and walls
Photo: Meghan & Al

One weekend later, this guy (and my amazing father-in-law) had moved 2.5 tons of concrete from the deep, dark corners of our 70 year old bathroom! Needless to say, Monday morning was harder to get to than most. I checked in every now and then to take lunch orders and say things like "a little to the left..." Everyone needs a good project manager.

Taking out the rubble
Photo: Meghan & Al

Once the room was knocked down to skin and bones (read: gutted), up came the green board. With the boards fully secure and in place, it was time for mud and paint. This bad boy was starting to look like a room again!

Mudding the greenboard
Photo: Meghan & Al

priming the greenboard
Photo: Meghan & Al

A few more steps here and there, and our bathroom had a whole new look! We went all marble and chrome, with touches of gray and white for a nice calming feel. Doesn't it just feel lighter? We are so pleased with the way this little girl turned out that we are thinking of moving our mattress in here for a while. 

After - marble and chrome bathroom with grey vanity
Photo: Meghan & Al

Marble shower
Photo: Meghan & Al
Shower Niche with Marble basket weave mosaic
Photo: Meghan & Al

At first we planned on classic white subway tile, but while we were walking through the flooring section at Lowe's, my eyes were grabbed by the Venatino Polished Marble Tiles. Wowza. We also found a perfect marble basketweave for the floors and we were in business.

Grey vanity and aspen quartz top from US Marble
Photo: Meghan & Al

Both the vanity and top were custom orders from our local Lowe's store. We went with the Kraftmaid Gentry cabinet in Greyloft and a US Marble quartz top in Aspen.

Chrome Kohler Bancroft fixture with US Marble Aspen Quartz top and marble subway tile
Photo: Meghan & Al

Kohler Bancroft shower fixture with marble subway tile
Photo: Meghan & Al

We wanted classic looking fixtures in chrome and found the Bancroft series from Kohler. They did just the trick for both the vanity and shower.

Marble subway tile shower, marble basket weave floor, & kohler tub
Photo: Meghan & Al

Lulie Wallace painting, Marble subwaytile, grey vanity
Photo: Meghan & Al

Voila! There you have it! Five weeks of no shower, a lot of work, and a ton of fun later, and we get to enjoy this beauty for years to come. We are so grateful to Lowe's for helping us take part in this little springtime project. Our bathroom finally feels like home.

In case you're interested, here is a complete list of the materials used:

This post was sponsored by Lowe's (they gave us a gift card to help us purchase our materials). However, all opinions are ours alone.


@Eddie The tiles were as picture when we pulled them out. There were some darker tiles but we really liked the contrast. 

As for the sealer, after asking around a bit, we sealed after the tile was grouted and used sealer Lowes suggested. Sorry but I can't remember the brand/name. Hope this helps!

I apologize if this is a repeat but not sure this is posting. We just put up the same tiles and they look so dark. How long did you have to wait for the tiles to lighten after putting them on the wall before sealing? Which sealer did you use? And did you seal again after grouting? Looks Beautiful!!

I do like the original floor better.

@martha - Thanks! We love it too :)

Which outlet are you refering to? We actually moved the old power outlet from on the wall by the mirror to in line with the switches.

@Robin - We did remove the old floor. I was told the same thing but was determined (or dumb) enough to take it out anyways. It was hard, but went much quicker than expected. Amazing what a 42" pry bar and pickaxe will do.

What led to the decision not to replace the electrical outlet?

Love the renovation!

Question on the floor...did you have to remove the old floor, or did you tile over?  We have the exact same 70 year old floor in our bathroom.  We were told it is very hard to remove because it is set in cement.  Thanks!

@jeanio-- thanks! It's not the same vanity but a very similiar size and shape! The old one was made of particle board and was falling apart :) 

I love the new look but isn't that the same vanity with a coat of paint and new fixtures?

It looks great! I love the wall tile and I'm so glad you can shower at home now! 

Y'all did a beautiful job! It's gorgeous!

Beautiful!!! Great job!

@Toto - It's the same pattern but in marble, and no longer broken and cracked.

@CapreeK - We have an extra bedroom and a furry dog if you've ever want a southern vacation home.

wasn' the floor tile the same before?

holy moly that looks amazing! clearly you're in the wrong profession...don't tell John.

The walls were primed with the Valspar drywall primer. 

To keep things (somewhat) consistent with the rest of the house we ended up finishing the walls with the same paint color we have in a few other rooms: Grey Owl from Benjamin Moore.

Can you share the paint color please?

GORGEOUS! It turned out so nice! (When can I move in?)





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