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Don't let myths limit your paint options

By: Marvinwindows Apr 10, 2013
If you are ever in search of cheap entertainment, make your way to the paint aisle at your nearest hardware store. When you get there, eavesdrop on some of the conversations consumers will often have while selecting paint

Mustard looks so dingy after a while. Seafoam is just a trend. Red feels so ominous.

Some of these arguments have merit, of course, but for whatever reason, many homeowners cling to paint myths that justContinue Reading

How to make housekeeping a little more pleasant

By: Marvinwindows Apr 02, 2013
After months cooped up inside the home, the days are ever so slowly starting to grow brighter. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow not long ago. All signs point to another spring on the way, and frankly, it can't come fast enough!
Official are two things:
  1. Cabin fever is a real thing
  2. Spring cleaning is a necessity

Most of us are still at least a month away from regularly getting outside and enjoying theContinue Reading

Transforming furniture

By: Marvinwindows Mar 13, 2013


We've written about transforming houses before, but what about furniture?  Treehugger reports that a sofa by Julia Kononenko can be transformed into several pieces of furniture, becoming a dining room table with its cushions serving as plush floor seating.

From the designer:

"In our apartments we are always in the confrontation with furniture for the living space. It is so important, that the Interior items possess little space,
Continue Reading
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Five ways to make your home more calm

By: Marvinwindows Mar 05, 2013
Home is meant to be your sanctuary. (No, really!)

With all of the chaos that comes with the everyday grind of life, your home shouldn't be part of the problem. In fact, there are some simple steps you can take to make your home a place more peaceful and relaxing. 

HomeDesignFinds lays out the five musts for homeowners seeking calmer refuge at home:

Invite natural light.  Without getting into the chemistry of it,Continue Reading

Fall in love with your kitchen again without remodeling

By: Marvinwindows Feb 19, 2013

Last year, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) released a survey asking builders the most common room for remodeling projects. A whopping 69 percent said it was the kitchen, which only trailed the bathroom (78 percent).

While the kitchen might be a common choice for wholesale makeovers, the fact is small changes can yield big results. Put down that sledgehammer and fall back in love with your kitchen with some of theseContinue Reading

Do you live with a colorphobe?

By: Marvinwindows Feb 14, 2013

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When I was growing up, my father hated the idea of anything other than white walls, which was unfortunate because our house was filled with a wife and daughters who loved the idea of putting some color in there! It required a lot of compromise when my mom painted the dining room red. (And red it remains to this day.)

If, like my mother, you live with someone who just isn't OK with the idea of brightly colored (or any sort of colored)Continue Reading

"Granny Pods" make life easier for homeowners looking after aging parents

By: Marvinwindows Dec 04, 2012

If you watch morning talk shows, you have probably seen commercials from builders who manufacture homes that include a guest suite or even a guest home designed specifically for an aging family member. According to AARP, about 23 million Americans take care of their aging parents, and many can attest to the challenges of a multi-generational homes.

One increasingly popular solution comes in the form of "Granny Pods," which areContinue Reading

Managing remodeling insanity

By: Marvinwindows Aug 28, 2012

At a certain point in any remodel, homeowners might find themselves fleetingly considering homicide. You might think you know about the disruption remodeling can cause, but dealing with dust, dirt, workers going in and out of your home, nonworking essential appliances, etc., can turn your attitude into surviving if you're lucky and insanity if you aren't.

Fellow bloggers Charles and Hudsonrecognize that remodeling can drive you aroundContinue Reading

Trust me on this one: Invest in your home

By: Marvinwindows Aug 21, 2012

With the real estate market slowly springing back, there is an underlying issue: your homes worth. Chances are there is a home -- or several homes -- in your area that has been foreclosed on. It's not only sad for the person or family that lived in that home but sad for you, as well, as it pertains to the overall value of your home.

The best option for many of us is to stay put, invest in what we have, and in doing so, increase your home’sContinue Reading

Video: Turning a bland attic into a master bedroom

By: Marvinwindows Aug 07, 2012
This video from Candice Olson's "Divine Design" show on HGTV demonstrates the steps taken in turning a previously shabby attic space into a beautiful master bedroom. If you have four minutes to spare, you can probably pick up some interesting ideas for your next painting, redecorating or renovation project.

You can more great master bedroom design tips and ideas from Candice on her website.

Originally published on the MLuxe blog by John Kirchner