Snazzy Aluminum Lawn Chair Re-Web Makeover

By: Kellyb Jul 29, 2011

created at: 07/29/2011

Everyone has at least one of these old aluminum lawn chairs tucked into a dusty corner of the garage or porch. And every spring you think about how you should really just toss it, but then where would you sit come summer? Sure, you could go out and but new ones, but where's the fun in that?

Might as well just give the one(s) you already own a little makeover! An awesome makeover actually, using thrifted belts and a little crafty know-how. The end result will be sturdier, decidedly clever, and a piece your visitors will be sure to inquire about.

Lori at Green is Universal has the scoop on what you need to do it and what you need to know to pull it off!

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Hi Anon -- Unfortunately, it looks like Green is Universal has closed up shop since this post was first published in 2011.

where do i find the instructions???

This must be an old chair indeed, I remember them when I was a tot. Very cool idea with the belts, being leather, it should hold up!

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