How to transform ugly popcorn (stucco) ceilings into something worth looking at within just couple of hours .

By: Faust Apr 08, 2007

Hi everyone,

Here I just wanted to show how you can transform ugly popcorn (stucco)ceilings without tearing it off - fast, clean and easy.

On the pictures below you may see all stages of "covering" the existing popcorn ceilings with Polystyrene ceiling tiles (this specific model called R-16)


 45 min later   

The whole job took about two hours. Tools used - utility knife, putty knife for adhesive (Acryl-Pro from Home Depot ), miter box to cut the crown moldings, measuring tape and pencil.

I used polystyrene crown moldings to cover the gap between the wall and the last tile and was cutting them with utility knife .

Those tiles are easy paintable however I decided to leave them white .

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at








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The ceiling looks great with its elegant look.  Nice job!

Thanks everyone!

To KatNap : you can see all prices at our website ( Those polystyrene tiles cost roughly $1.5 per sq.ft. If you have any questions - please fell free to contact me anytime at


great job!  the new ceiling has so much more class.
This is a fabulous idea and great resource. I never knew you could do this. I almost wish I had a ceiling like this so I could try it!
I'm going to have to remember this ... as a Realtor, I often show houses people won't buy because of the popcorn/cottage cheese ceilings. Do you have a ballpark guesstimate on how much this cost?
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