Eye Candy: 10 Genius Small Space Guest Bedroom Ideas

By: Faith-towers Feb 18, 2014

A small guest bedroom nook with striped walls and gold accents.

Not everybody has the square footage in their home for a spacious guest bedroom. That doesn't mean you can't have one though, it just means that you have to get creative. Check out these ten genius guest bedroom solutions.   

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Grown up bunk beds, and a striped bed nook hidden behind a curtain.

1. This idea will appeal to the young at heart... a set of bunk beds! You can have two guests for the footprint of one. [Photo: Love This Crazy Life]

2. Or try hiding a small bedroom nook behind a curtain. [Photo: The Lettered Cottage]

A bed nook with storage underneath, and a guest bed underneath a staircase.

3. This built-in small single bed does double duty, with drawers for storage underneath. [Photo: BHG

4. This person took advantage of the unused space underneath their stairs to create a comfy little hideaway for guests. [Photo: Via House]

A multi-purpose room with a small extra bed, and a bed with drawers underneath.

5. This narrow room with a dormered ceiling is just the right amount of space for an extra bed, and can be used as a library when guests aren't visiting. [Photo: Nuevo Estilo]

6. This high extra bed creates space for cabinets underneath. [Photo: Decoration Trend]

A trundle bed in the attic with pink throw pillows, and a blue and green office with an extra bed.

7. A trundle bed in an attic space can be a reading nook or a playroom when not in use. [Photo: News 163]

8. This room serves two functions - an office and a guest bedroom. [Photo: Publistorm]

A bed hidden behind a partial wall, and a bed nook with striped walls and gold accents.

9. A pretty wooden screen hides this bed from view. [Photo: The Brooklyn Home Company]

10. This small day bed was placed snugly against the wall to maximize space in the rest of the room. [Photo: HGTV]

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I know what you mean Courtney... my dog would probably love to take a nibble out of it!

I love the screen in #9, but I'm afraid my cat would decide it was a climbing toy.

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