Eye Candy: 10 Inspiring Kids Playrooms

By: Faith-towers Jun 27, 2013

For anyone with a young family, the playroom is probably one of the most popular rooms in the house. Does yours need a little help? Or maybe a complete makeover? Grab some inspiration from these ten ultra creative spaces.    


1. Give the kids a teepee to play in and a brightly colored rug to spread their toys out on. [Photo: My Mummy Daze]

2. This attic playroom feels like a giant dollhouse. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

3. Let your kids' imagination run wild in this relaxing library space. [Photo: kpitv.com]

4. An indoor slide? It doesn't get any better than that! [Photo: Blessings and Raindrops]

5. This colorful space has lots of storage, and a big table for projects. [Photo: Stagetecture]

6. Get them off the couch with lots of interactive items. [Photo: Fun At Home With Kids]

7. Bright colors give this space a sense of fantasy. Check out the makeover here. [Photo: Jessica Levitt]

8. This playroom has rings, a rope ladder and tons of books to read. [Photo: Lushome]

9. Giant chalkboard walls encourage creativity in this space. [Photo: Spearmint Baby]

10. Why not make your kid's room into an amusement park? [Photo: Nice Decors

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Thanks for letting us know @Asia Citro, the link has been corrected!

Unfortunately you have linked to stolen content with photo #6.  Please correct ASAP.  The source is:


love #s 3, 5 and 8!

WOW. These are some of those most fantastic playroom ideas I have ever seen. If only I had the space to add some of these features to my daughter's tiny playroom... especially the slide!

I agree, glad you liked the post Sarah!

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