Roundup: 10 Fun DIY Backyard Entertainment Ideas

By: Faith-towers May 13, 2015

Up here in the northeast, it's finally that time of year when people start to fix up their yards and spend their spare time outside. The grill comes out, the patio furniture emerges, and the neighbors stop by. Which means it's also time to get creative and find some fun things to do out there in the backyard.  


1. Make a giant Jenga set... check out the tutorial over on Instructables. [Photo: HGTV]

2. Continue the fun after dark with a cozy DIY movie set-up. Find out how here. [Photo: Giver's Log]

3. Love bocce ball? Make your own court using these instructions. [Photo: The Day of Games

4. Seems like giant outdoor games are the trend these days. Check out this backyard chess tutorial. [Photo: DC Design Coop]

5. Make this colorful ring toss game with supplies you probably already have laying around the house. [Photo: Woman's Day]

6. Having a BBQ? Set up this s'mores buffet for dessert using cans of sterno. Read more about it here. [Photo: The Kitchn]

7. Find out how to make this fun mini golf course in your backyard here. [Photo: Babble]

8. Set up a game of Twister right on your lawn... a full tutorial is available here. [Photo: You Plus Me For Always]

9. Make your own cornhole set with these instructions. Or if you don't feel like constructing them from scratch, you can just paint a blank set... buy the pre-made plain boards here. [Photo: DIY Network]

10. Create your own game of Scrabble right on your patio - find the instructions here. [Photo: Sunset

This post originally published May 2, 2013.

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Some great ideas! Thank you

These are great ideas!!!! Thanks!!!!

Glad you liked the ideas Bre, hope the reunion is a blast!

These are so fun.  We are having a huge famiy reunion this summer and I am in charge of outdoor kids activites and I see some real potential for some laughs.  Way better than the 3 legged race (not that we won't still have that)

Thanks for the ideas! 

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