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By: Diy maven Feb 02, 2011

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One of the most interesting sets on television today is Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. Every time I watch an episode of TBBT, I invariably notice something I hadn't seen before. I've now found myself actually looking for details I might have missed. This 'Where's Waldo?' type game can be played when viewing all the characters' living spaces, but most particularly when watching hijinx unfold at Sheldon and Leonard's. SO...today I decided to share my obsession and compile elements in their living area just in case anyone out there would like to copy their geek-chic interior.

First, we'll start with the furniture. Pottery Barn seemed like the best place to 'shop' for look alikes, so I choose the Manhattan sofa in Hazelnut (Leonard bought theirs for a few hundred bucks from a neighbor who was moving out), $2899; PB Basic Slip-covered Armchair in Camel, $850; a round glass Caprice coffee table by Sitcom Furniture on which to eat lots and lots of take out, $293; a banker's chair, $175; a PB Expedition Cube side table, $699; a 5" x 8" Kilim rug, $870; and library chest for game storage, $300.


created at: 02/02/2011Of course, like many of us, our personalities come through in the doodads with which we share our space. This, of course, is the fun part of ogling Sheldon and Leonard's place. Here's just a fraction of what you'll find: Celestial Star Globe, $133; a  Captain Future Poster, $70; a dart board, which hangs on the back of their front door, $70; a telescope $150; a dry-erase board, $27; a Forbidden Planet movie poster, $20;  a Snake Peanut Brittle Can, $13; and Green Lantern action hero, $25. These last two are a means to store your valuables. Although, you'll have to hollow out a nether ye in the Green Lantern to stash your cash. I've heard there's enough room up there for a couple of fifties.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights at 7 central/8 eastern on CBS.



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Dave - it's a kitchen island with a marble top, a towel bar, and two fold-forward vegetable bins (notice where the hinges are; the drawers pull down, not out). Similar to this.

Anonymous - 

It's a drawing of a brain cell by microbiologist Santiago Ramon y Cajal. Sheldon's assistant Alex picks it out as a potential Valentine's Day gift for Sheldon to give to Amy, but Sheldon ends up keeping it for himself. See Season 6, Episode 16; The Tangible Affection Proof.

Sometimes you can find frameable prints.

Hi, does anyone know what the antique piece is to the left of the front door inside the entry?

Who knows what the line drawing on parchment (or that is what it looks like) is to the right of the white board on exiting the apartment.

I would love to find the dresser in the Raj's apartment....It in the link..under the drop cam..


Anyone know the name of the shade of blue/turquoise wall paint in Penny's bedroom??

@Julie - I actually found it!


Stosh, I'm looking for the double arm lamp also!! Has anyone seen one yet??

Hello.  I'm trying to find the double swing arm lamp on Leonard's beside table... any ideas?  Thanks!

Has anyone ever looked for the Orange ship picture over Leonard's dresser. I have been looking everywhere and no one seems to know where I can find it. Any suggestions?
The kitchen light fixture is a Behrens pendent light. Behrens was well known for Art Deco design.

I would like to find the hanging light fixture in the kitchen. Any suggestions as to where to find it?


To Sheri - most of Penny's furniture comes from Ikea. Check out the Wiki for Penny's apartment which lists many of her items and where they can be found at: 


The Roxen striped pillows 1st appeared in episode 14. 

The Wiki for both Sheldon/Leonard's apartment and Penny's apartment appear to have been updated recently and these have info on lots of items from the show:





Also check out this fan site with lots of info on Sheldon's stuff:


I would love to find Penny's dishes (pottery I think?), the ones in her kitchen, not on her wall. I tried Chasing Props - great, fun site - and I've looked at hundreds of pages of colorful tableware I found when I searched every combination of key words I could think of, but haven't found them.  Anyone recognize them, or the style or maybe country of origin so I could narrow down my search?  Thanks in advance for any and all tips or suggestions.

I would love to find anything from Penny's apartment! Especially the couch, the chair in her living room (the green one), her bright blue dishes.

I would like to know when Sheldon's striped sofa pillow first appeared.  i think it's somewhere between episode 10 and 16.  in 1-9, the pillow is solid blue.

I've been making a Sheldon look-a-like pillow cover at my Etsy shop for a few months now, and buyers have been very pleased. I tried to match the fabric as best as I could, but considering the colors look different in every photo on the web and even on TV, I can say it's a perfect match. I am currently sold out but do take custom orders. Message me at my shop if you are interested in ordering one.


You can make the pillows, if you can't find them, or, have someone else make them for you. Go to any fabrics store and show them a picture and come as close as you can or want to. The kitchen Isle can be custom made also. A good furniture maker, or, a good carpenter can make this. It's not that difficult of a design. If you search hard enough, on eBay, or online at various sites, you can find just about everything! Amazon is also a good place. I have the house plans of their building. I am a lot like the character Sheldon, whereas, I find it necessary to replicate things too. For instance, I have eight house plans from various movies, each with several sets of actual plan blueprints for architects to build from. They cost plenty! I've been collecting them for decades, and I also, like Sheldon love learning just about everything. 

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