Make It: 7 DIY Desktop Organizers

By: Diy maven Jan 27, 2014

What do cereal boxes, soup cans, cardboard, LEGO, and an old picture frame have in common? We can used them to tidy up our desktops by turning them into desktop organizers. Check out these 7 projects (plus a bonus at the end!) for  the how-tos and to get inspired.

Amy used cereal boxes and toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make her organizer. 

Ilda used cans and duct tape to make her wild leopard organizer. Grr.

A steady hand makes this next project a work of art. Yes, those designs were placed dot by dot by hand. (Click translate once you get there.)

For something  a lot more minimal, this cardboard organizer will do just fine.

Home Depot shows us how to use pre-made wood corbels (or brackets) to make desktop/bookshelf organizers.

No instructions for this LEGO desk organizer, but, hey, any self-respecting LEGO fan should be able to replicate it easy enough. 

And, finally, my favorite (because I haven't seen it done before), a table-top picture frame turned handy-holder.

BONUS: Just HAD to add this project Capree recently found and posted here on Curbly, inspired by an Anthropologie offering.

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omg you are so talentet

My pleasure, Amy!

Thank you so much for featuring me! xo

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