IKEA Karlstad Sofa Goes Mid-Century Modern (Thanks to Tufting)

By: Diy maven Jan 20, 2014

Lara loves tufted sofas; she's also cheap. (Her words, not mine.) Enter IKEA's Karlstad sofa, which has a great shape but, alas, no buttons. One very informative blog post later, Lara tells how she turned  a brand new Karlstad sofa into a mid-century modern piece. Take a look at the after:

To see how Lara accomplished the makeover, visit her website. 

IKEA Sofa Makeover: Tufted Midcentury Modern [Lara S. Chase}

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Looks awesome from far away - wish there was a bigger or close-up shot. Tufting is tricky and can sometimes look 'fake'.

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