How to: Turn Milk Jugs Into Scoops and Dust Pans

By: Diy maven Jul 30, 2012

I learned from my parents the trick of turning a plastic jug into a scoop, but mom & dad's versions never looked as elegant as these two. Although this image is flying around the internet faster than a wardrobe malfunction still image, it's been hard to track down the original creator. If anyone knows or can make out the Facebook handle in the picture, please let me know. In the meantime, I spotted it on Recycle-eh.

POST UPDATE: The original can be found here.

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I made one just a bit wider for a ball launcher for my dog, that way, no wet or muddy hands in the fall & winter

Anon--yup. Pans.

Sarah--thanks for the info! Post has been updated to include it. 

I think you mean "dust pan" and not "dust bin".

Thanks Sarah for finding the source of the plastic scoop I posted on my blog. It's a great blog - lots of cool recycling ideas. Is it Korean or Japanese?

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