Roundup: 5 Plastic Spoon Pendant Lights

By: Diy maven Feb 08, 2012

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Remember the plastic spoon rose? Turns out that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as spoon-crafting is concerned. Take for example these (dare I say?) gorgeous spoon pendent lights. 

Holes in spoons negate their intent, but they also take artist's Daisuke Hirawa creation (pictured above) into chandelier territory. 

Designer Christian DuCharme's lamp was spotted in October of last year at the Lafayette Espresso Bar and Market.

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Technically, this next creation is identified as a 'snowflake', but stick a light source in that ball and you'd have a glittery pendant. It was spotted at an Anthropology in Memphis at Christmastime of last year.

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'Gluttony' is what designer Luis Luna calls this lamp:


 If any of these pendants have inspired you to make one of your own, you might want to try this next one first. A pictorial how-to can be found by following this link. If you do make one, note the low-watt CFL bulb. You wouldn't want your cool new lamp to melt, now would you?

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please can you share the idea with the hole´s?   How to do it please?

I made it but it was still black around :-(

i have also made a plastic spoon pendant light and you can see it here,

Absolutely gorgeous ...Where can the spoons with the holes be found?

Totally wicked!

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