Dresser Makeover with Stickers!

By: Diy maven Oct 10, 2011

Amy saw the potential in this Craigslist dresser and had to have it for her nursery. Some Benjamin Moore San Antonio Gray paint, white knobs and vinyl stickers later, it's not recognizable.    

Amy actually made the vinyl stickers herself using her Sihlouette, but stencils would have been a great way to go too. To read all about the project, visit Positively Splendid. 

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I've redone a dresser when my daughter was a baby.  We sanded it and I bought stencials a painted flowers on it.  Never thought about doing it the easy way with stickers.

I would have refinished that thing in a heartbeat. That paint job is an abortion.

Just another reason to want to add a Silhouette to my list of gottahaves.

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