How to Dye Clear Glass ANY Color

By: Diy maven Jul 11, 2011

So you LOVE blue Mason jars, but don't have the cash to run to your nearest antique store to buy any. OR you LOVE the idea of colored glass but just not blue glass. No worries. Craftberry Bush teaches us how to dye any old clear glass jar rescued from the recycling into any color we desire. The cool thing is, we probably have everything we need to make some already on hand. Here's the supply list:

  • clean jar/s
  • Mod Podge or white Elmer's glue
  • paint brush
  • food coloring

For the entire tutorial, follow this jump to Craftberry Bush. Make sure you read the entire tute, however. There's some important good news/bad news info toward the end you'll want to know. 

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Hi, I hope I get a response, as I would like to know which colors and how many drops were used to create that beautiful jar that stands alone:) I need either a dark brown tint or brownish gold. Would these be safe to use as candle holders?

Thanks for sharing

Thank you for this post! I want to stain clear glass cups, etc to make candle holders out of them. Do you know if this method of staining glass or any of the materials would be flammable or affected by the heat of a candle? I am trying to find the most affordable way to stain glass that won't cause problems with a open flame next to it. Thank you for your time!

I have a brown glass and a green glass jug I would like to make a different color... any suggestions?  I still want the glass look.

Could I put the glass vase in microwave?

Sarah there are two types od Mod Poge. Make sure you get the clear drying one, the other dries with a milky / hazy film over it.

I want to learn how to Make bottel any color i want thanks

You have to bake the jars on 200 degrees for an hour to set the color- that is how you make it so the color won't peel :) 


If you use acetone for (found in nail pollish remover) instead of water it dries faster and doesnt drip.

what about frosted glass like fan globes? I assume it would turn out different but I guess I am wondering if its safe to have that stuff close to the heat of a light?


OMG!! Im glad that God blessed you with being creative because I must have missed out that day!! Lol...i own a store and often run into clear jars...thanks for the great info!! .... :)

Hi - I just tried your method on some mason jars.  Your jars appear completely translucent after using this technique, and mine appear to be milky.  I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying time, maybe this is the cause?  Did you come across this at all, in your trial and error period?  Also, I LOVE the dark narrow jar you have posted, its almost a black or brown color, do you remember how much of which colors you used to achive this?  thank You!  Love you post

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