How To: Make a Wooden Designer Key Rack

By: Chrisjob Nov 10, 2010

This week marks Curbly's fourth birthday! We're pretty excited, and so we're bringing you some of our favorite original DIY projects and how-to posts from the last four years. This one's from Curbly's most established Featured Writer, DIYMaven.

So last week I was searching for cool things to post on Curbly, when I came across the Marvelous Key Rack by Tomke Biallas and Grisella Kreiterling. The designer version is made out of a slab of oak (15" x 2.3" x 2") that has a cavity the width of a key plunged down the middle. A quick measurement of my keys told me most are about 1/16" to 1/8" thick, about the same thickness as a saw blade. You know what that the table saw!

Check out the complete how-to here!

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chris i am looking for diffrent design idea have you got ant tips for me. Copiee 

What a unique idea. I love that it's not only so nice looking but super easy to make. Thanks Chris.

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