35 Free Patterns for Reusable Grocery Bags

By: Chrisjob Apr 12, 2008

created at: 03/27/2013
The reusable grocery bag is no stranger to Curbly, but we've never featured this many options. Featuring sew-able options, some for knitters, and plenty you can crochet,  will getcha away from those disposable plastic monsters in no time.

Sewing Grocery Bags & Totes

  1. Fabric Grocery Sacks: Replicas of plastic grocery sacks made from vintage sheets and pillowcases (any fabric will do!). These also make cute lunch bags. Features a tie closure for a neat fit in your purse when not in use.
  2. MorsBags.com: Offers a downloadable pattern in pdf or word doc format (also an animated web tutorial). Simple tote style, easy to make.
  3. Cheap & Easy Fabric Produce Bags: A great alternative to the clear plastic bags available in the fruits & veggies aisles, these are made from repurposed sheer curtains (watch for them at garage sales), drawstring closure. Wash & reuse, lovely!
  4. Cheap & Easy Fabric Grocery Bags: By repurposing some old sheets, you can make a batch of these up for less than $2 each, and look how cute your groceries are in bags that are all the same pattern :). Simple design with sturdy webbing for the handles (or just whip up some fabric straps if you prefer).
  5. The Market Tote Tutorial: Here’s a sturdy grocery tote made from canvas and home decor weight fabrics.

Knit Shopping Bag Patterns

  1. Knitty’s Everlasting Bagstopper: Here’s a knit pattern using a mesh stitch but has a solid base for items to sit on). Nice, big & stretchy!
  2. Turkish Stitch String Bag: Here’s a knit pattern for the mesh/string style of shopping bags with a shoulder strap. Pattern calls for a circular needle.
  3. Eco-Friendly Expandable Shopping Bag: This is a free knit pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. It’s another mesh style, but it’s shallow in depth and has a solid knit top band and shoulder strap. If you get the registration page first (without seeing the pattern), try hitting refresh and scroll down the page to view the pattern.
  4. Susitna String Shopping Bag: This is another string shopping bag, knit pattern done on a knitting machine (not many of these patterns available!). Nice original design and pattern is available via a pdf download.
  5. Net Shopping Bag Pattern: A knit pattern for a mesh or net shopping bag, starts with double pointed needles then switches to circular. Nice length for the shoulder strap.

Crochet Shopping Bag Patterns

  1. Vintage Crochet Shopping Bag Pattern: Here’s a pattern previously published on Tipnut, it’s the old style string bags that last forever and hold more than you can imagine. If you crochet, having one or two of these in your purse comes in super handy. Pattern available in a pdf download.
  2. Crochet Grocery Bag Pattern: Here’s another crocheted bag, you don’t have to use plain white crochet thread–see the bright colors used here.
  3. Lily’s String Bag: Another crochet pattern for a mesh bag, this one has a bottom and handles that are solid. Free pattern, but for members only (it’s a quick signup).
  4. Handicrafter Cotton - Shopping Bag: This crochet pattern is from Bernat (free membership required to download pattern) and it’s different than the crochet string/mesh style patterns listed above, the style is more tote-like. Cute!
  5. Reduction Tote Bag: A crochet pattern in a mesh style with a solid bottom and straps. The bag also features a pocket on the front (great for holding keys and a wallet).

Head on over to Tipnut.com for 20 more amazing free grocery bag tutorials. Okay, maybe more than 20. 

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The most creative bags were made from repurposed dog food bags. They are sturdy and very cute.

Recycle the plastic bags.  I sue some for trash can liners, others for messy diapers.  For most I drop in the plastic tubs just before you go in the grocery store.  Most stores around here have recycle cans for plastic bags.

My favorite pattern for sewable produce bags is at http://www.myhappycrazylife.com/make-a-mesh-produce-bag/. I used the pattern and the netting from an old mosquito tent to make mine.

These are all wonderful, but... I already have *bunches* of reusable bags.[1] I'll poke around some more (at this delightedly-discovered site!), but what I'm looking for are ways to reuse the 000's of plastic grocery bags we've already accumulated![2] *tear* Notes [1] All stores sell reusable bags (here, in CA) w/the store's name on them; often in several styles (food stores will have freezer/cold food ones, too); and usually at a reasonable price ($1+; $ 2.50 is my limit--but a good bargain for the long haul! ;-) ) plus... I'm a sucker for any cute ones I see, so I have a "collection"--I even have a smaller "bag-o-bags" to stuff them all in & drag along ;-) [2] And I bet there *will be* lots of ideas here!

Thanks for the patterns.  I always hate using the plastic grocery bags because I have no use for them once I bring them home.  I go shopping with coupons a lot because I have four kids and we go through food like crazy.  All those shopping trips add up to a lot of grocery bags.   I have a few of the reusable ones but it is never enough for all my groceries.  Thanks for the patterns!!

These are some good ideas, much better for the envirnmoent

oh so many to choose from! i always wanted to try doing one for myself but i am just not good in sewing...but really i'm interested, maybe i will try doing one now and starts with small stuffs.

Thanks for the ideas!


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hey Chris! Im back(sorta)

as for ggrocery bags. When Im prepared, I have an LLBean bag(huge) and it says "Misc" on the front. It also doubles as my dogs' toy holder!

just another idea

where's spellcheck?lol

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