How To: Make a Mod Bubble Wreath

By: Capreek Oct 26, 2010

created at: 10/26/2010

What's this?  Another wreath post?  Now that I've accepted this new domestic responsibility, I'm running with it.  Yessir, I am embracing The Wreath and how!  In fact, I'm making it my mission to search out and find every mod wreath on these here Internets.  A tall task, but totally worth it.  I hope you'll come along for the ride!  

created at: 10/26/2010

So.  Let's start this newfound mod wreath obsession with this Bubble Wreath created by those clever folks at CB2.  It was designed for a catalog shoot, but I think it would look swell as a holiday - or every day - wreath.  It's on the pricier end of DIY wreaths (it'll set you back around $85), but the impact it'll have on your space will pay you back ten fold.

To make your own Bubble Wreath, you'll need:

  • space on a wall that can be nailed, or a flat MDF board sized appropriately
  • pencil and string
  • 3” nails and a hammer
  • bubble balls—a mixture of 4” and 6” sizes (available from CB2)
  • optional for the MDF: paint as desired and hanging hardware

Got everything?  Fabulous.  Head on over to CB2's blog, In The Loop, to see how it all comes together!

Have you spotted a sweet, mod wreath?  Let me know!  I'd love to go on this wreath-hunting journey together.

Meanwhile, check out this crafty and modern wreath that uses everyone's favorite material: felt!

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Jenny - Great post!  I love that pink and silver / aluminum tree you included!  Also, I'm so glad you like this wreath.  It's one of my favorite that I've come across so far!

This is gorgeous!  Its such a fun look and I totally agree that it can be left up past the holidays.  I'm featuring this wreath on my blog today, thanks for the inspiration!

Great, double-post. I'm really on a roll!
Thank you Bruno! Kind of embarrassing, but I didn't know how to hotlink or embed pictures.
Thank you Bruno! Kind of embarrassing, but I didn't know how to hotlink or embed pictures.

@april: here are the images of those wreaths (for those too lazy to click through):

Flat modern white wreath from Kenneth Wingard

DIY Modern flat white wreath via Design*Sponge

April - Oh, I totally know what wreath you're talking about.  I've always wanted to make one, too!  We should make a pact to actually do it this year!  What do you say?

Two or three years ago there was a modern white wreath from Kenneth Wingard that I desperately wanted but never got. It combined flat and round white powder-coated steel circles/bubbles. Here's a link to a picture of it:, and here's a link to a DIY version from Design Sponge:

I know!!  I want to make it and have it up year-round!

That's a really rad mod wreath!

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