Make It: DIY Dryer Vent Pumpkins

By: Capreek Oct 12, 2011

created at: 10/12/2011

What's that you say?  Pumpkins made from dryer vents??  Yes, indeedy.  Turns out, this unexpected material makes for some pretty fantastic pumpkin-ry!  

Courtney from A Diamond in the Stuff created two versions of this whimsical pumpkin: one with traditional colors, the other bedazzled and glitter-tastic.  The choice, of course, is up to you!  To get started, you'll need:

  • dryer vents (from hardware stores)
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • spray paint
  • cinnamon sticks (for the pumpkin 'stems')
  • spanish moss

When you're ready, head over to A Diamond in the Stuff to get the full how-to for these simple, DIY pumpkins!

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Oh my, I didn't look at them until now. They are very pretty!

Thanks, DM!  I'm partial to the glitter version especially--gotta have a little bling! ;)

Oh these are adorable!

My mom was making these 15 years ago...and I still don't like them, no matter how you dress them up.

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