Free Download: How to Clean Like a Maid Cheat Sheet

By: Bruno Mar 13, 2013

How to clean like a maid (free PDF download)
I know it doesn't feel like spring yet (at least not here in Minnesota), but it's coming soon (really, I promise!). So to get your spring cleaning projects kick started, we're offering a free, downloadable cheat sheet to help you clean as quickly and thoroughly as a maid. Read on to find out to get the free PDF!

There are two ways to get your download:

1) Sign up for our free, weekly newsletter (you can always unsubscribe, we won't spam you, and you'll get a link to the download after you sign up). Go to our newsletter signup page to get started. (Note: sign up for our newsletter, not for an account on

2) Get it from our "Downloads" tab on the Curbly Facebook page: (you'll need to become a fan first)

created at: 03/20/2013

Stay tuned for more downloads coming up (if you fan us on Facebook or sign up for the newsletter, you'll be able to access the rest of the cheat sheets too!)

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please send me the cheat sheet.

Please send the cheat sheet!

@mommabirdies: can you try right-clicking (or control-clicking on a Mac) on the picture and saving the file to your desktop?

I can't get it. I clicked on the picture and it only told me page not opened. I can download all of the others, but not this one. I'd really like to see it too. K

To those trying to download from Facebook - please try going to and clicking on the picture of the "Clean Like a Maid" cheat sheet. The PDF will display in full, which you can then right-click (control+click) and save to your hard drive.

If that doesn't work, please tell us what you see so we can look into it further.

Huh.  I wonder what the problem is.  I got it with no trouble and I'm usually the one that gets caught up in the glitches if there are any.

I like the maid's tip about dusting.  I don't have a lot of knick knacks (or frou frou as we call them) out for that very reason.  Dusting is probably my least favorite cleaning chore.

Thanks for the cheat sheets!!  :)

The download does not work from iPhone or iPad. Will it only work on a computer?


Signed up, but didnt receive any confirmation link. Kindly email the cheat sheet. Thanks.


Hi, already signed up for newsletter, can't get the cheat sheet!  please send, kaithxbai!



Fan and get the newsletter and can't download this. Please email. Thanks!

@anonymous: really? I just tried it and it worked fine. Try going to: (you'll need to be a fan of our page to see the content.

The cheat sheet link sent me to fb but page was not found.

Hi guys,

You should have received an e-mail confirmation witha  link to the cheat sheets when you signed up for the newsletter. If not, please e-mail me at and I'll hook you up.


Please send cheat sheet

Hi, signing up for the newsletter only gave me the option to download the Spring Cleaning cheat sheets, alternative use cheat sheet, and icons of modern design. Then I received a separate e-mail for holiday snowflake/ornament downloads. Will this be updated to include CleanLike: A Maid for download via signing up for the newsletter?

Thank you

Hi Jan,

Please follow the directions in the blog post to access the cheat sheet. You can download it from our Facebook page:

please send cheat sheet

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