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Hello! I'm one of the curbly founders.  Thanks for checking out my profile.  If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to email me at ben at curbly dot com, or comment on my profile.

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On: PBS Affiliate WQPT - Video of My Tiny Home (Post)

Gregory, that's great!!  Nice work.

To: megrockstar

love your profile pic!

On: DIY Cord & Charger Organizer Box (Post)

This is a great idea!

On: How to Secure Autographed Sports Memorabilia (Post)

I'll think about it, but look forward to seeing some...

On: Ironing Out the Details (Post)

one of the few chores I can actually enjoy..  cool...

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ModHomeEcTeacher says:
I have a chair sitting in my garage ALMOST as...
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Kathryne Lynn says:
Ohhh I love this picture, the flowers are gorgeous and...
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paperbirds says:
sorry for the multi-comments, i am so tired tonight, i'm...
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paperbirds says:
that looks like the view driving down the grade on...
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benmoore says:
yeah, creepy huh? wonder what Jane Jacobs would say about...
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roadvermin says:
Little boxes, little boxes...-RV's Girl 
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gregoryjohnson says:
Great photo!
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MKehoe says:
thats san francisco correct?
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How High Should I Hang Paintings?

By: Benmoore Dec 27, 2006
Should the top of a painting be at 52 inches?  Or something like that?
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Curbly Christmas - Santa by Committee

By: Benmoore Dec 25, 2006

Hey Curbliers,

Merry Christmas!!  I hope Santa was good to you this year.

In true Curbly fashion, we'll decide the winner of the best Curbly Christmas wishlist from Amazon together.  Now that's the spirit!

We've narrowed the field, now you pick a winner!  This time, there's only one winner, so please just vote for one person in the comments.

Here are the five finalists:

A craft room to call my very own



Bring the Spring to my home 



My first apartmentContinue Reading

986 views | Comments (18)
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Hi Ben! An idea for site enhancement: How 'bout a way the many bloggers on the site can have the content of their blog show up on their profile? The would make for a more robust Curbly experience. :)

Hey Ben! Sorry to have to do this to you, but you're it. I tagged you with the 161 meme, which asks you to share the 6th sentence from page 161 of a book you're currently reading. Then tag five more bloggers.

DIY Maven tags Ben.

Who is CurblySucks? Sounds like Z :-)
Thanks for your comment. Way excited you're an ironer-- you should teach my huz a few tricks...
Yeah!  Guy is very cool.  We did a survey for him a while back and apparently did a good job, as this was our third.  It's pretty cool being able to help out somebody you truly look up to like that. Thanks for the note.

Ben - my phone broke and I lost all my numbers, give me a call sometime today on my cell if you get a chance.


Hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year!

Hey Ben,

Sounds like you met the other Electric Pulp partners at MinneDemo a few weeks back.  Just thought I'd say 'hey there' since I wasn't able to make it.  Really impressed by Curbly so far.  It's awesome.

Curbly is fantastic so far. Just wanted to let you know ;-) I am still testing the waters, but I think I'm going to like it here.
Thank you much Ben!
I hope you had fun at No Coast on Saturday.  It was so nice to meet you guys!
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