Use ConTact Paper to Make Vinyl Wall Decals

By: Diy maven Sep 04, 2009


A while back, Instructable-er britsteiner shared her method of using black ConTact paper to make DIY vinyl wall art a la Tim Burton. The supplies she used were minimal, and include the following:

  • ConTact Paper
  • low-tack tape
  • marker or pencil
  • scissors
  • large scrap paper; newspaper works
  • plastic card, ie library, gift, etc

To see how it all came together, head on over to this Instructable. Although the Burton-esque design was great, I think I prefer the bamboo alternative that she made with the scraps from this project. How resourceful!


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@jonnie—I know what you mean. That can be very aggrivating. I always start at at corner and coax the sticky part away from the paper with the tip of my thumb. Seems to work best for me. 

Hi, your projects look great!  do you have a tip on how to easily peel backing from the contact paper?  :)

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