The Study Bed

By: Diy maven Jun 03, 2009

created at: 2009-06-03

Study Beds allow you to turn any extra bedroom into a study and back into a bedroom in seconds. What's especially clever about the design is nothing on the desk's surface has to be moved or even disrupted when it lowers and reveals the flip down bed. Available in single and double models. Now for the downside....looks like they're only available in the UK, and they're not inexpensive either. BUT the website does provide some tech specs, close-up pics of its construction and videos of the bed in action. All this, of course, leads me to wonder if it could be DIYable. Latches, pulls and some fancy gas springs....hmmm.

created at: 2009-06-03

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The hendges are the expense! 200.00 per hendge set. We were thinking of building 2 but that is the kicker, the hendges. You could probably buy it for less than you can make for that reason alone. These are custom hendges that you can not go to your local Lowes and pick up.

@Joni , can you send me your email address for this so??

My husband can build these.

They made a bed/desk similar to this on the show 'Tiny House Nation' on the FYI channel.


who has the plan for this kind of bed.i need it for a trial

Who has plans to make a study bex
I was thinking the same thing! Has anyone put some plans together?
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