FREE Grab Bag Pattern!

By: Diy maven Aug 14, 2008

created on: 08/14/08

All People Quilt has posted a new pattern for these DARLING little grab bags! The pdf pattern is very detailed with ACTUAL pattern pieces. Love it!

POST UPDATE 7/16/2013: Click here for the free pattern. They DO request membership now! (No biggie; it's free too.)

created on: 08/14/08

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I sewed one and like it.   Do not like how my seams look at top of straps.  Need to revisit the pattern to see if I missed a tip on how to.

@Anon--Try this link. I updated the post to reflect the change. Looks like APQ requires membership now, but it's still free!

Saying page not found for me I really want to make one!

@Anon--the link works for me. Try clicking HERE.

i just cant find th e pdf link for this

Hey, Molly. You can click "The pdf pattern" that's highlighted in the post or here

I'm feeling rather thick here...How do I actually find the pattern to download? I'd really like to make one of these. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated :0)

I made one and ... I love it ;-)

This is so simple and yet so adorable.  I love it!

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