13 Things You Can Make Out of Old Blue Jeans.

By: Chrisjob Jun 29, 2007

Simply Thrifty has assembled a list of online projects to recycle your old jeans.

 My favorites include:



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The leg can make a plastic bag holder.

@Caya, I wrote about the blue jean rug on my site.  I love this company.  See http://bit.ly/ekZAbb.  Check out where to recycled your blue jeans and other blue jean crafty ideas:   http://bit.ly/gyn4PD.  

Very very cool!!!

My sister Joyce and I made handbags out of our old jeans. I saw one in a boutique a few weeks ago for 50 bucks or so.

Caya123--Check out this crocheted bag. The maker used old denim shirts, complete with a denim pocket inside. Here are the instructions. Too cute!!

I saw a blog somewhere or other where the lady had made a rug out of them. I think it was latch-hooked, but maybe it was braided. I forget which. A person could do either, though.

It's very interesting what happens when you realize that fabric is just fabric, and that piece of ugly clothing or those old curtains, is just fabric, and it is o.k. to cut it apart and use it for whatever you want. It is only a recent idea in our commercialized society that a shirt is a shirt, and you buy shirts, and when it's old, you throw it away, or give it to Goodwill. It used to be that a shirt was once fabric, and you buy the fabric, make the shirt. When the shirt is old, it gets repaired, replacing the collar and the cuffs until you can't do so any more. (That's why men used to use paper collars and cuffs, to save staining and wear on the shirt.) Then it gets cut up into quilt pieces. When the quilt is old, it gets made up into rags. When the rags are old, they get braided into rugs. When the rugs are old, they mulch the garden in the winter.  

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