How to Save Big Bucks at the Frame Shop Part 2

Now that we all know how AllPosters.com can help us in reusing our old frames, let’s talk a little bit about reusing our old matting.

Matting Makeover

Like professional framing, professional matting is expensive. So why not reuse it? Again, this might be easier said than done. First we’ll be faced with finding a print to fit the matting opening, which is no longer an issue if we apply what we now know about AllPosters.com’s fabulous search engine. But what if our old matting seriously clashes with our new print? Not a problem!

A couple of years ago, I sifted through some old framed prints and realized I still liked one of them. The frame and the print were still pleasing, but the matting was putrid. With a nothing to loose attitude, I searched my acrylic craft paints and found a funky purple and proceed to paint the matting.


There’s only a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when painting matting. First, let the paint dry completely before reusing/reinstalling it. Not only could wet paint ruin your print, but it might "stick" onto the inside of your frame’s glass. This isn’t a big deal to correct, just a pain in the neck. Also, do not paint matting that you will be using for prints/posters/photos that have significant monetary or sentimental value as there will be issues of "archival" treatment you’ll want to consider.

I’ve also seen people decoupage old matting with decorative paper, bits of brown shopping bags, ribbons, whatever. All viable alternatives when reusing matting. But believe me, painting’s easier and if you don’t like the color, you can re-paint it!

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megrockstar on Jan 25, 2007:

This is very very clever. But what if you ALREADY have purchased your priont? I havea small poster from college thats gorgeous(approx 11x 17)

i took it to corners and they wanted 470 dollars with adouble matte and a standard gold dusted metal frame! I thought I was inthe twilight zone 

boooo corners! and when they give you 50% off its still wayyyy too much 

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