Six Tips to Soften Butter on the Fly.

Making Butter Curls Is A Quick Way To Soften Butter

Whether you need it for your toast, or its time to whip up your first batch of holiday cookies, there's all sorts of occassions in which you need to bring chill-chested butter to room temp without melting it. The microwave is out, but these six ideas from TipNut will get you spreadable in a flash.

  • Grate with a box grater
  • Heat gently in a glass bowl with warm water
  • Get a butter curler, and heat it slighty.

Check out these and the rest of the tips here!

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J Wynia on Nov 10, 2009:

The microwave is hardly out. You just need to use it in bursts on the lowest power setting (often 10%). 5 seconds at a time at 10% and you can soften an entire stick up without melting it into a pool of fat.

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