Organize Your Books and Music with DIY Labeled Dividers.

I love to walk through the reserve section of my local library...the books, records, and DVDs are lined up in the back corner, with these huge dividers, each with an oversized letter in Helvetica, organizing the reserves by the last name.

Matthew created this how-to on Flickr: unusable vinyl LPs augmented with stick-on letters slid in between physical media to keep 'em alphabetized and easy to find.

How do you organize you media and books? Genre? Author/artist? Title? Color?


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Anonymous on Jan 17, 2014:

It's Franklin Gothic, not Helvetica.


Margarita on Aug 22, 2009:

I do by topic and then by size. I study a lot and have different languade books, its easier to find them this way. Also, cooking books are at the kitchen and crafts are in the office.

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