10 Clever Uses for Plastic Bags

Woman wearing plastic bags as knee pads
  1. Knee protectors for gardening.
  2. Makeshift hand protectors--they're not just for picking up doggy doo!
  3. Paintbrush prolongers.
  4. Impromptu rain hats.
  5. Kitchen cleanup helpers.
  6. Wrapping paper. (Cuter than you might imagine!)
  7. Wet umbrella holders.
  8. Impromptu shoe protectors. 
  9. Cookbook protectors. (Love this one.)
  10. Plant fillers.

Have a clever use for plastic bags to add to this list from Real Simple? Please add it in the comments below!

Image: Kana Okada


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Dolores on Aug 31, 2013:

I cut small holes in the bottom when I have to strain water from the lint, pet hairs, solids that are picked up with my Rainbow vacuum. Then, I throw the solids in the bag away minus the water and my hands don't get dirty.

Bromeliad on Jul 14, 2009:

Not too original but - trash can liner.

Uncanny on Jul 14, 2009:

Shower-cap-esqe hat to wear while dying your hair. It works great to keep the dye where it belongs!

DIY Maven on Jul 14, 2009:

11. Pom pom gift toppers.

12. Flowers.

13. Fabric.

12. Yarn.

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