What Do You Want to Know About Blogging?

Altitude Summit 2017 - Blogging, lifestyle, fashion and DIY conference

Next week I'm speaking at Altitude Summit, a conference for design, DIY and lifestyle bloggers. I'm really excited to be sharing the stage with Jordan Ferney, boss-lady at Oh Happy Day; I've admired her blog/business for years, and can't wait to learn a lot from her.

Our session is titled "Monetizing Facts & Figures - All the Numbers You've Been Dying To Hear", and we'll be speaking about our experiences with making money as bloggers. I'll be focusing on sponsored posts and display advertising, Jordan will be talking mostly about how to monetize an engaged social media following. 

I know a lot of our readers are also bloggers, or aspiring bloggers, so I'm wondering, what do you really want to know about how established bloggers make money? I'm all ears. Let me know in the comments.
I surveyed a bunch of top bloggers and just asked them: "What's your traffic? How much money do you make?"


While you're thinking about your questions, here are some of the ones I'm planning to talk about:

So You Want to Be a Blogger, but Have a Few Questions First:


  • My parents don't think blogging is a real job. What should I tell them?
  • Isn't a blog just words and pictures of melty ice cream cones? What does a blogger actually sell?
  • How do banner ads work? If I use them on my site, will my readers throw garbage at my house?
  • How much does Curbly make from banner ads?
  • How much do bloggers charge for sponsored posts? If things keep going this way, is every post on the internet going to be sponsored?
  • How much can I earn as a freelance blogger? Do I have to work in my basement and stay in my pajamas all day?

If you've never been to Alt Summit, I highly suggest you look into it (this year's conference is sold out, but there's always next year). In addition to some great keynote sessions, workshops and roundtable discussions, Alt is an amazing place to meet and connect with other bloggers, big and small, from far and wide.

Remember the Curbly House makeover with Emily Henderson? That project is still one the most popular things we've ever done on Curbly, and it came out of my first trip to Alt, in 2011, when I met Emily and Orlando at one of the evening parties.

Another example: you may have noticed we've done a lot of partnerships with Sherwin-Williams over the years. That's another contact we met at Alt Summit, and we've been really lucky to have been able to continue working with them year after year.

Aaaannnd another example: in order to answer some of the questions I want to address for my speaking topic this year, I put together a survey and sent it out to a group of really smart, successful, bloggers. I asked them all kinds of personal questions, like how much they earn from their blog, what they charge for sponsored content, and what color pajamas they wear when writing their blog posts. You can't ask that kind of stuff without having  a prior relationship. And guess where I met most of those people? Alt Summit!

That's Alicia chatting with Jessica Alba at Alt 2012. Read more here. Photo: Brooke Dennis

So I'm thrilled to be going back to Alt this year (it's in beautiful, sunny Palm Springs) to connect with old friends and meet some new ones. Alicia has been working on a fun little DIY project to give out as our 'business card' (trading ever-more-fanciful business cards is kind of the unofficial 'sport' at Alt). And, since it was our nine-year wedding anniversary last week, we're also treating it as a little bit of a working vacation, a chance to get away without the kids.

If you're going to be there, leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail (bruno@curbly.com) to let me know so we can try to connect, or just stop me in the hallway after my talk and say hello.

I'll be the one in bright red plaid pajamas.


If you're into this stuff, check out my post from last week about what it's like monetizing a blog for a living.



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