The Dollar Store Rental Kitchen Makeover - Again

by Lilybee

Once upon a time, way back when, I became enraged with my ugly rental kitchen. Observe the horror:

The Dollar Store Rental Kitchen Makeover - Again

I cursed it, I cried, I shook my fists at it. Then I did what everybody does (surely?), I looked for a solution on the internets.
What I found was Curbly. Inspired by the spirit of Curbly Daring-Do I figured out a solution, and posted pictures of it here..

Three (three!) years have passed. My temporary contact paper solution has withstood all kinds of shenanigans and is, I suspect, INVULNERABLE to anything but Robot Laser Eyes.

BUT, it is a New Year, a new decade even, and that always prods the part of my brain that likes things NEW and CLEAN and SHINY. So I turned a beady and critical eye to my kitchen. And decided it was time for a change.
So I did this.

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