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dining-room Painting before-and-after

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asilnnigcm on Sep 26, 2007:

Hi ,  Don't really know if you've decided on your window treatment desgin or not . I had a friend of mine do this in his apt. in Manhattan and it was really nice. Although to be honest he was trying to acheive a private application. What he did do was to take a stencil (His own design)  but you can do premade . He bought a canvas and did a stain on the canvas and then with the stencil , after which he used a x-acto knife and cutout the design positive/negative. It let in to his flat a beautiful light and privacy. How did it stay in place ? It was removable and he used velcro to apply it . It can be made easily, the look was really elegant, and at Christmas he used LED lighting to give it a beautiful application. His was done in a very Asian way, but it can be done with an antique look, or any thing you would enjoy, ie. oriental, or even done as colonial. It is not very inexpensive and unique. He did this in 1980 and was a Graduate of Parsons School of Design. I offer this idea in memory of David

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