Eye Candy: 6 Fresh Kitchen Banquettes

By: Diy maven May 27, 2011

I've never been terribly fond of kitchen banquettes, but sometimes they are the best way to use space efficiently. It also helps if they're 'done' well. Here are six examples with a fresh, modern appeal that might have you re-thinking the banquette as well.

The banquette pictured above does its duty splendidly without overpowering the room.

The dark flooring coupled with the white banquette and fresh green upholstery strikes a perfect note in this kitchen.


A little bit modern, a little bit traditional, this banquette could be at home just about anywhere.  (The use of stools is a good choice in dealing with the skimpy path between table and counter.)

created at: 05/27/2011

This is another entry that bridges the traditional/modern divide. (LOVE the pendant.)

built in banquette with round saarinen pedestal table

Don't want a built-in? An upholstered bench gives the look of a banquette without the commitment. We like that!

created at: 05/27/2011

This banquette is like a punctuation to the alley kitchen it occupies. (That spunky rug doesn't hurt either!)

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Am I a slop or what? I couldn't keep a rug in the kitchen clean for a week. Because, you know, I do cook. Really. From scratch. And there is no telling what can spill over, slop down, etc. while frying, boiling, ... Tiles that can be mopped may be a bit pedestrian, but to me, much more realistic than a white rug!

I didn't know that "banquette" was the name for booths like this so thanks for the heads up on that. I think they're far more visually appealing than standard dining tables and the bonus is you can snuggle up to someone for a cozy dinner. I'm hoping to build this sort of seating arrangement for my backyard patio and the link has some great inspirations.


All of these look pretty good. New look to your kitchen. Last one if my fav though.

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